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Lauren Bullock is a multiracial writer, performer, and community organizer. As a child of a Vietnamese American mother and African-American father Lauren grew up learning the importance of words in expressing her unique identity. An avid lover of the power and delight of storytelling, Lauren wrote her first poem as part of an assignment to describe “living in a painting” in kindergarten and she hasn’t stopped since, experimenting with fiction, comics, and a variety of other genres. Lauren eventually forayed into spoken word as a result of the encouragement from her high school creative writing teacher, and immediately took to the marriage of her loves for writing and performance.

A 2014 honors graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in English and Communications and a minor in Poetry, Lauren was awarded the Wallace Ray Peppers Award in Performance of African-American Literature as well as membership into the coveted Order of the Golden Fleece, UNC’s highest honor society.

Lauren won her first slam in 2012 and went on to win the grand slam, earning her a spot on UNC’s first slam team as a result. Lauren also represented this team on the 2012 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) final stage as a part of the Best of the Rest showcase. In 2013 Lauren became the artistic director of UNC’s first-ever organization dedicated to poetry and slam, Wordsmiths, and captained the slam team to final stage at Barnard College in New York, New York. Since then Lauren has both coached the UNC slam team as well as participated in the Southern Fried Poetry Slam and National Poetry Slam as a member of the Durham, North Carolina-based Bull City in 2013 and Washington, D.C.-based Beltway in 2015.

As the eventual executive director of Wordsmiths and staff member of Sacrificial Poets, a non-profit youth poetry organization, Lauren developed and nurtured a love for organizing space for free artistic expression. In 2014 and 2015 she worked as a youth mentor and organizer for the Brave New Voices youth poetry festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia respectively, and she continues to be committed to supporting the young voices of her generation and those after. Currently Lauren serves as a contributing staff writer for nerd culture web site Black Nerd Problems as well as poetry editor for literary magazine FreezeRay Poetry.



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AuthorPhotoLauren Bullock
is a multi-racial writer, performer, and teaching artist. She has competed in several National Poetry Slams, Southern Fried Poetry Slams, and has appeared on multiple final stages for the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI). As a founding and three time member of the University of North Carolina’s slam team, the former Artistic and Executive Director of Wordsmiths (UNC’s first-ever organizational board dedicated to poetry and slam), and two year inaugural Future Corps Fellow for youth poetry organization Youth Speaks, Lauren is committed to supporting the voices of her generation and those after. Currently she serves as a contributing staff writer for nerd culture web site Black Nerd Problems as well as poetry editor for literary magazine FreezeRay Poetry.