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Solo Events

crossoverIn the world of comic books, when two or more titles come together for purposes of telling

a greater narrative than could be told individual, the event is called a crossover. Continuing in that grand tradition, CROSSOVER is a newly formed performance poetry duo consisting of Lauren Bullock and Mikkel Snyder. Combining Southern wit and Midwestern banter, CROSSOVER prides itself on exploring representation and intersectionality through pop culture and personal lens. Formed in response to the drastically changing poetic scene enabled by the internet and desire to share the stories of two mixed nerds, their work aims to foster the next generation of poets. Their first collaborative poetry collection, COMIX(ED), Vol. 1, is available for sale underneath the Shop tab.

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AuthorPhotoLauren Bullock
is a multi-racial writer, performer, and teaching artist. She has competed in several National Poetry Slams, Southern Fried Poetry Slams, and has appeared on multiple final stages for the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI). As a founding and three time member of the University of North Carolina’s slam team, the former Artistic and Executive Director of Wordsmiths (UNC’s first-ever organizational board dedicated to poetry and slam), and two year inaugural Future Corps Fellow for youth poetry organization Youth Speaks, Lauren is committed to supporting the voices of her generation and those after. Currently she serves as a contributing staff writer for nerd culture web site Black Nerd Problems as well as poetry editor for literary magazine FreezeRay Poetry.